mission & background

     Strengthening the bonds of cooperation between the United States and Panama, and creating Business opportunIties for Business Leaders of both nations. The U.S.-Panama Business Council (USPA) was created to foster business opportunities and understanding between the two countries, especially since the Canal administration transferred to Panama, which has in effect changed the traditional relationship.

     Panama is one of the largest country in Latin America as far as U.S. investments and the U.S. enjoys a positive trade balance with Panama. However, the importance of Panama goes far beyond trade issues into areas such as hemispheric security, the efficient operation of the Panama Canal which impacts U.S. imports and exports, and cooperation with international issues of a political nature.

     Through its affiliations, the Council acts as the principal representative of numerous Panamanian and U.S. companies, facilitating trade and investment between the two nations, and promoting strategic alliances and joint ventures. USPA brings a broad range of expertise to the gamut of business challenges faced by its members when conducting business in Panama or the United States. Today’s economy demands a global view, one that encompasses cooperative alliances, strategic teaming and an understanding of prevailing market trends. The Council takes pride in providing its membership with creative, and practical prescriptions for full achievement of their vision.

     USPA works to coordinate programs and events specifically designed to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and promote trade and investment. One of the programs organized by the U.S.-Panama Business Council is an annual trade and investment mission, which takes place during the winter/spring months. To-date the delegations have consisted of approximately forty U.S. companies, and the agenda included meetings with both the public and private sector at the very highest level. Past leadership has included Thomas F. (Mack) McLarty, Counselor to the President, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, Undersecretary of Commerce Kenneth Juster, George Allen, former Governor of Virginia, Congressman of Virginia Tom Davis and Steve Forbes, among others. Other programs include conferences, forums, workshops, promotion meetings, dinners with high profiled keynote speakers from both the private and public sector.